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Kid's classes are
finally happening!!

After years of being asked to share my passion for art with kiddos, and avoiding it due to intimidation (kids scare me a little, ok?), I am stepping out of my comfort zone to finally offer this experience! I mean, stepping out of your comfort zone is what art is all about.

The only catch is, a parent/guardian/care-taker is required to join in. These workshops will be purely about art making, learning the basics, becoming comfortable with color mixing, etc. It, unfortunately, is not a day-care or drop-off kind of class. I will not be responsible for any children, only providing them an art-filled opportunity that I hope fulfills them.

My hope is that, by joining in on the creativity, art will become a life long journey for both the child and the adult with them.

Coming in March..

Keep your eyes peeled for Spring time classes, perfect for Spring Break.

Kid's workshops will be offered both in large public groups at various local businesses and as a private class.

Minimum age for child attendees is 8 years old, maximum age is 16. Minimum age for accompanying adults is 18 years old. At least 1 adult for every 3 children. Adults must stay present for the duration of class, adults are not required to paint but are heavily encouraged to. We all need art.

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