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One on One


Let yourself

This workshop is ideal for the individual with absolutely no clue about watercolor and for those who know the in's and out's but cannot let loose.

In my self-taught journey through watercolor, I have always felt confident in my ability to be free and playful. It has led to some incredible moments in my art making that can never be replicated. It gives my brain and body a chance to forget everything.

Some of my favorite artists have told me they wish they could let loose in their art like I do, I take that as a huge compliment.

And while I have no intention of teaching others how to recreate my particular style that comes naturally to me, I want to foster the ability to allow artists to create feely in their own right.

Ready to
paint with me?

Send me an inquiry via email for a private one on one workshop either at my home studio, your home, or Collab Yakima in Downtown Yakima.

Starting at $90 a class

   with packages of 5 classes for $300

Thanks for submitting!

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